St. Stephen’s began as a mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in the spring of 1955.
During the first year, land was obtained, and on December 8, 1957, the parish house was dedicated. In 1959 St. Stephen’s became a self-supporting parish and the Rev’d Lloyd A. Clarke became the first Rector. The next year, Rev’d John R. Stanton became the second Rector.

On August 18, 1963, ground-breaking ceremonies were held for the church building. The Rt. Rev’d Bishop George P. Gunn led the procession into the completed building on May 17, 1964. A special dedication service was held on June 14,1964.

The final section of St. Stephen’s physical plant was completed in 1968 with the addition of an education wing to the parish house. Extensive renovations were made to the original parish house in 1989–90.

In 1981, the Rector Stanton submitted his resignation to pursue a ministry with the elderly. In September of the following year, the Rev’d Edwin F. Gulick became our third Rector. During Rev’d Gulick’s tenure, he was assisted at times by the Rev’ds Laura Edward-Jenks, Joseph Buchanon, and John Siviey.

Keith Owen came to St. Stephen’s as a deacon in 1988 and was ordained to the priesthood in March, 1989. He served as assistant Rector until May, 1994.

On November 6, 1993, Father Gulick was elected Bishop of Kentucky and left St. Stephen’s in February of the following year. After an extensive search, the Rev’d Marlowe Keith lverson was called in 1996 to become our fourth Rector. He served until June, 2002. In September of that year, the Rev’d Betty Long was called to be our interim rector. She served until, after another extensive search, in 2005 the Rev’d Scott Baker was called to become the fifth Rector of St. Stephen’s.

In October 2017 Father Baker submitted his resignation.  On April 2, 2018 the Rev’d Richard W. Budd was appointed our Priest-in-Charge by Bishop Hollerith, to guide us through the transition and search for our sixth Rector.  Fr. Budd retired on June 13, 2021 and was replaced by our Transition Priest, Rev’d Carleton Bakkum the following week.  On January 2, 2022 Fr. Bakkum retired and was replaced by Fr. Kyle Mackey, who was appointed our Priest-in-Charge by Bishop Haynes.